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Family and Forebears - 30 Days of Thankfulness

Every family has its share of curiosities and longstanding legends. Family trees tend to contain all sorts of fruit in their many branches.

Ours is no exception, although I count our extended clan as exceptional.

Don't we all?

Recently, I had the wonderful opportunity to explore a treasure trove of old family photographs, diaries and letters. I was astonished to see childhood photos of long-gone relatives and discover I somewhat resembled a few of them. It pleased me to find writings from the early 1900s and see how those who came before me enjoyed weaving words in creative ways. 

Maybe that's where my love of writing began.

I enjoyed revisiting intriguing stories about some of my ancestors.

The tales brought these people to life, at least in my imagination. Many died before I was born, so I was particularly interested in learning about fascinating forebears I never had the chance to know.

In our clan, we have had pioneers and patriots, as well as an abundance of peculiarities. Picking through pictures and uncovering memories, we learned of miracles and mayhem. We heard about struggles, successes, and even a couple of scandals.

Our lineage contains a legacy of faith and family values, but it also reveals plenty of opportunities for God’s grace and mercy.

I loved seeing how the Lord’s hand never left our family line, even when forebears fumbled, and how He blessed those who earnestly looked to Him. I trust future generations will notice the same Fatherly faithfulness, should the Lord tarry.

I’m thankful for forebears, who demonstrated authentic living.

What stories these folks could tell, if they were still with us! I’m looking forward to asking my ancestors a wealth of questions and doing a lot of catching up, when we meet in eternity.

For You have heard my vows, O God;
You have given me  the inheritance of those who fear Your name.
Psalm 61:5, NASB
For what are you thankful?

Old Family Photo
Family Property –Private Collection
Thankful at Thanksgiving
Adapted from public domain artwork

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