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Loving Laughter - 30 Days of Thankfulness

Grumpiness may linger for a season, but a couple of chuckles may send that sour one fleeing.

OK, that’s not in the Bible. Well, not exactly.

But the Scriptures do point out the healthfulness and life-giving potency of a hearty helping of glee.

A joyful heart 
is good medicine,
but a crushed spirit 
dries up the bones.
(Psalm 17:22, ESV)

Good humor is healthy. Who knew?

Yep, I’m thankful for lots of life-giving laughter.

I’m grateful to have grown up in a fun-loving family, filled with lots of laughs. As kids, we learned to take responsibilities seriously, but not so much ourselves. We laughed with (and often, at) one another. We still do.

In fact, people often remark about our family’s odd ability to poke fun at all sorts of strange situations. It’s not mean-spirited, and it’s not at someone else’s expense. It’s just a perspective of intrigue, finding something lighthearted about interesting bits of life.

And every single one of us bears laugh lines on his or her face to prove the point.

Laughter adds life. It lightens the load we carry, as we face daily or ongoing struggles. A good guffaw somehow makes it all better, even for a moment.

Thank God for the ability to laugh at life’s funnies – and mostly, at ourselves.

Ha-ha-ha. Here we go again.

God will let you laugh again;
    you’ll raise the roof with shouts of joy.
(Job 8:21, MSG)

For what are you thankful?
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Thankful at Thanksgiving
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