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August 6th - Vowkeepers Valued

Vowkeepers Valued

(Jeremiah 25:1-38; 35:1-19)

(2 Kings 24:1, 7)

(2 Chronicles 36:6-7)

Jeremiah Offering Wine to the Rechabites

From Standard Bible Story Readers

Book Five

By Lillie A. Faris


God honors faithfulness. Throughout the Bible, we can find many examples of the Lord’s affirmation of those who prove faithful to the vows they have taken. God loves promise keepers, for He is the greatest Promise Keeper of all. The Lord simply keeps His Word.

The Old Testament prophet Jeremiah called a blessing of the Lord upon the Recabites, an ascetic group in Judah, who kept the vows of their ancestors. Although Jeremiah offered wine to the Recabites, they refused to partake of it.

The point was not that the wine itself was evil. Instead, the Recabites’ concern seemed to be that they had made a promise, as a people, to abstain from drink.

And they were blessed for their faithful promise keeping.

What promises have you made? How easy is it for us to voice vows, but how difficult may it be for us to fulfill them?

May God hold us back from making impossible promises, or even unintentional ones. And may He prompt us to promise keeping, finding us faithful. For He Himself is faithful.

Will you pray with me?

Righteous Ruler,

You are truth.

You are ever faithful.

Mold our hearts,

So that they may resemble Yours.

Remind us of promises we have made

To You

And to those we love.

Find us faithful,

For Your glory,

Oh Lord.


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