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Potent Parent Prayers: Yearning for returning

Hopeful parents plead in prayer for children to turn to the Lord. We intercede for their souls. We call out to El Yeshuati, the God of Our Salvation (see Isaiah 12:2) to call their hearts closer to His own. We simply ache for our kids to choose to follow the Lord and to ask our gracious God to write their names in His Book of Life (see Revelation 21:27).

God knows. How many times has He seen His children step outside His perfect path? (That includes all of us.) And how often has He drawn us back and gathered us to the places He has prepared for us to live in His love?

He did it for Israel throughout the Old Testament and more recent history. And He will do it again.

 “So there is hope for your descendants,” declares the Lord. “Your children will return to their own land.” (Jeremiah 31:17, NIV)

Great God who saves, we cry out for the hearts of our children. We want nothing more than for them to look to You and to know Your love in their lives. Give them a peek at Your Presence in their lives. Call them back when they need it, so they may follow You ever more closely. We ask in faith and in the name of our wonderful Lord, Your Son Jesus Christ.
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