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Potent Parent Prayers: Casting off cares

God loves you. He honestly, totally, absolutely, eternally does. Maybe you knew that. But we simply cannot hear it enough.

And here’s a simple, but GIGANTIC truth. If you are a mom or a dad, you gotta know that the Lord loves your kids even more than you do. He cares for them a whole lot deeper and stronger and overwhelmingly than you can imagine.

It could be that things look a little messy right now. Maybe one of your children is giving you fits. (The rest of us have been there. You know we have. We get it.)

God is in the business of reclaiming rebellious kids. Hey, He caught you and me, right? And He asks us to trust Him for the outcome.

Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.” (1 Peter 5:7, NIV)

What does it mean to cast your anxiety on Him?

“Casting” means hurling, sending forth, throwing, or tossing. 

Imagine a fisherman, whipping back that angler's rod and flipping it forward as hard as possible to send the hook and line flying far forward and way out into the water, where it is most likely to produce a good catch.

That’s what God asks us to do with our worries.

Go ahead.  Haul off, and fling those frets as hard as you can.

He’s out there waiting to catch and redeem our cares and produce a good result. It may take time. Things may get pretty messy in the meantime. Our kids will likely flip and flop and flutter their way through some rough waters.

But the One who walked on water and who delivered a whopping net of fish for His friends can catch our kids and bring them back.

I have seen this, but I still wrestle with it. This is like preaching to the mirror. Remind me when it’s my turn again to huff and puff and pace and fret. Stop me when I start prematurely jiggling the fishing pole to hurry the catch, only to send the fish swirling away again. 

Loving Lord, Your Word says again and again that Your first desire is to draw Your children closer to You. Teach us to trust You, knowing that You care for us. You care for our kids. And You are still on it.
We ask in faith and in the name of our wonderful Lord, Your Son Jesus Christ.

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