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August 24th - The Best Branch

The Best Branch

(Jeremiah 23:1-8; 33:14-40)

Best Branches

Photographer Unknown – Public Domain

"The days are coming," declares the Lord,
"when I will raise up to David a righteous Branch,
a King who will reign wisely
and do what is just and right in the land.

In his days Judah will be saved
and Israel will live in safety.
This is the name by which he will be called:
The Lord Our Righteousness.

(Jeremiah 23:5-6, NIV)

The Lord revealed to the prophet Jeremiah that He would restore His people by raising up a righteous branch from the house of David. Perhaps God spoke metaphorically, referring to the family tree of the Messiah, Jesus Christ, who would come from the royal lineage of Israel’s King David (in the tribe of Judah).

Indeed, the tree branch image also foreshadows the way the Lord would reach out beyond the original lines to bring life to all who would belong to Him. For this reason, the Apostle Paul would later point out how Gentiles might be grafted into the Lord’s own family tree (see Romans 11:22).

May God’s name be praised, and may the righteous Branch of the house of David point us to the very heart of God.

Will you pray with me?

Righteous Ruler,

Strong Deliverer,

Lord of Hosts

And Wonderful One,

We praise Your Name.

Thank You for making us

And remaking us,

So that we may belong

Forever to You.


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