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August 20th - Daughters of Disgrace

Daughters of Disgrace

(1 Kings 24:1; 15:1)

(2 Chronicles 36:13)

(Jeremiah 39:1; 52: 3-4)

(Ezekiel 23:1-49)

Can-Can Dancers

By Jean-Louis Forain

Late 19th Century (public domain)

Speaking to the Old Testament prophet Ezekiel, God likened the people of Israel and Judah to two promiscuous sisters. These rebellious siblings prostituted themselves, selling their virtues to the pagan peoples around them, according to the Lord.

Flaunting their flooziness, the two sisters dared the discipline of the Father, courting the consequences that were sure to follow.

Don’t we flaunt our faithless as well?

Browsing through status updates of friends on Facebook and Twitter, how many statements might one find that simply wink at sin? How does our culture exalt rebellion? What reception does a desire for holiness receive? Is sanctification bold or boring? Would we rather be sexy or sacred?

How far can God be pushed?

Even today, our patient and loving God cannot abide sinful attitudes and actions. Yet, don’t we dare Him daily? As rebellious children, do we not try to test the limits of the Lord’s love and patience?

How long will Jehovah stand by and watch, as our world tumbles into tumultuous depths of our own depraved desires?

May His mercy prevail, and may God draw human hearts to His own – before the age draws to a close. For it is only the Lord’s patience that holds off His righteous anger and judgment.

Will you pray with me?

Holy One,

Give us a glimpse

Of Your holiness.

Pour Your purpose

Into our hearts.

Grant us a hunger

To seek and follow You,

Rather than the temporary temptations

That lure our attention away.

Tug at the hearts

Of those who have yet to recognize You.

How grateful we are for Your grace

That we do not deserve,

But that You grant so freely

To those who will seek You.


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