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August 21st - A Mourning Minister

A Mourning Minister

(Ezekiel 24:1-27)

Ezekiel the Prophet

Artist Unknown

"'I the Lord have spoken.

The time has come for Me to act.

I will not hold back;

I will not have pity,

nor will I relent.

You will be judged

according to your conduct and your actions,’

declares the Sovereign Lord."

(Ezekiel 24:14, NIV)

The Old Testament prophet Ezekiel was discouraged. The Lord revealed to Ezekiel that his own wife would die. God told Ezekiel to mourn privately and quietly and to continue to minister to the people.

The prophet’s own suffering would parallel the fate of God’s people. At the same time, Ezekiel’s sacrifice would foreshadow the Lord’s own commitment, as He would one day offer His own Son’s life to redeem the lost.

Even in his time of grief and loss, Ezekiel remained faithful to God and His Word.

How much might ministry cost?

What price are we willing to pay, in service to the living God? What might the Lord ask of those He calls to leadership? Could personal boundaries be stretched and privileges sacrificed? What private losses might be sustained?

Is it all worth it?

May the Lord grant us even the smallest glimpse of His great glory. One look, and we may see and understand. He is more than able, and He is more than enough.

Will you pray with me?

Mighty Master and Maker,

We plead for a peek

At Your power

And Your perfection.

We are unworthy,

And all the things we grasp at

May fall away,

Once we realize the reality

Of the One we serve.

Give us a glimpse, Lord,

For we have not a clue,

Even when we count ourselves

As wise.

We long to know You

Ever more.


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