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July 28th - Bring Back the Blush

Bring Back the Blush

(Jeremiah 7:1-34; 8:1-22; 9:1-26)


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“Are they ashamed of their loathsome conduct?
No, they have no shame at all;
they do not even know how to blush.”

(Jeremiah 8:12a, NIV)

Jeremiah, the weeping prophet of the Old Testament, spoke the word of the Lord to God’s people. Much of the message was confrontational, pointing out how far the children of Israel had fallen from the truth. Deception and idolatry were rampant, and the collective conscience had dulled.

Are we really any different?

Do we grieve over our sin, or do we merely chuckle over it? Do we even recognize the difference between truth and falsehood? Have we forgotten how to blush?

Certainly, the Gospel is all about grace and mercy. God is willing to forgive sin. But don't we have to face the facts first? Doesn't true repentance begin with sorrow over the sin that plagues our own souls? Doesn't genuine healing begin with an actual diagnosis?

Here’s a poem the Lord gave to me this morning. May He call you closer to His own heart today and bless your soul with His mercy and love.

When Was Blushing Banished, Lord?

Naisaikus Calling Back Color

Tarnishing the truth,

Rebellious confidantes wink –

Finding falsehood fine.


Finding falsehood fine,

Rebellious confidantes wink –

Tarnishing the truth.

Staring at the scene,

Shameful sorrow spins the span.

Lightning lifts the veil.


Lightning lifts the veil.

Shameful and sorrow spin the span,

Staring at the scene.

c2009 by Linda Ann Nickerson

Will you pray with me?

Merciful Maker and Master,

In darkest days of deception,

We long for Your truth.

We confess

That we have grown callous.

We have forgotten how to blush.

We have winked at sin,

Denying the depth

Of its danger.

We have failed

To follow You


Call us to complete commitment,


We live to honor You.


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  1. Lovely bits of alliteration amidst the poems here.

    We certainly like to hide behind that veil - I welcome lifting it to the truth!

    Thanks for sharing your words.

  2. Loved this poem, scripture, and your thoughts about it. How can God clean us up, if we don't even realize that we need it? If there is no blushing, it seems like there is no awareness of sin. That is scary.

  3. I found your link at HaiSaiKu and find your post thought-provoking and 'resonant' ... My first attempt is less inspiring ;--)
    Hugs and blessings,

  4. Love the spin the span! bit!!
    -Andy Sewina

  5. Blessings to you. May blushing be of love an humiliyt and not of shame.
    God is good all the time!