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August 1st - A Passion for Preaching

A Passion for Preaching

(Jeremiah 17:19-27; 18:1-23; 19:1-15; 20:1-13)

Fiery Flames

Photographer Unknown

Have you ever known a secret so special that you felt as if you might spontaneously combust, if you could not share it?

Jeremiah, the Old Testament prophet of God, possessed a passion for the Word of the Lord. Although he was persecuted, even by the priests of the Lord, Jeremiah expressed his insatiable desire for preaching the message he received, direct from the heart of Jehovah God.

“His word is in my heart like a fire,
a fire shut up in my bones.
I am weary of holding it in;
indeed, I cannot.”

(Jeremiah 20:9b, NIV)

The Word of God is powerful, like a blazing fire. If we possess a passion for the Lord, will we not also have a hunger for sharing His truth with others?

May God fire the flames of revival in our own hearts. May He kindle the desire within us to proclaim His power to those who need to know Him the most. And who doesn’t?

Will you pray with me?

Father of Fathers,

You alone are God.

How blessed we are

To belong to You.

Fan the flames

You have ignited

Within us.

Increase our desire

To share Your truth.

Spark us to action,

Oh, Lord,

In a cold and dark world

That needs the warmth

Of Your love

And the light

Of Your truth.


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