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August 2nd - Regal Readings and Reforms

Regal Readings and Reforms

(2 Kings 22:3-20; 23:1-23, 28; 24:1-19)

(2 Chronicles 34:8-33; 35:1-19, 26-27)

King Josiah Hears the Law

Artist Unknown

Around 620 years before the Advent of Christ, young King Josiah reigned in Jerusalem. The Old Testament prophet called for reforms and for rebuilding of the Temple of the Lord. During the restoration, the builders uncovered the Book of the Law of the Lord, which had come through the patriarch Moses.

When King Josiah saw the Book of the Law of the Lord, he repented of his own unfaithfulness, as well as of the faithlessness of the people. The king ordered that the people be gathered, and he read the Word of the Lord to the entire nation. Then the king called the people to a recommitment to the covenant of the Lord.

This recommitment led to massive reforms within the nation. Idolatrous structures were destroyed. Worship of the living God was restored.

What influence a single faithful leader may hold!

Does this biblical account not spur us to pray for our own political and governmental leaders? Surely the Lord can turn hearts to Himself, even today. What revival might we see in our own time, if our leaders would devote themselves wholeheartedly to serving Jehovah God.

Will you pray with me?

Mighty Master

And God of the universe,

You are the Ruler of all.

You hold the hearts of men

And the reins of all power

In Your mighty hands.

Soften the hearts

Of the world’s leaders,

So that they may come to trust You.

Remind us to pray

For those who hold

Positions of authority

In our nations.

May they devote themselves

To Your glory alone.


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