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Ripped my heart out, but bared my soul

As an adoptive parent, I never really understood what the birthing process felt like. Now I believe I may have an inkling.

I have a brand-new book.

It’s a soul-deep testimony of God’s grace, expressed in a series of inspirational, but often intense, poems. For He is faithful, even when I am utterly faithless. He is loving, when I am not. And His promises never fail.

I wrote Stealing Wonder: A Rhyming Race to Capture Grace over the course of several years, and it still astonishes me how the clearly traceable themes continue through many segments of the path along which the Lord has nudged me.

Honestly, this book ripped my heart out, but it bared my soul.

These are no Bible-thumping platitudes. God’s grace is gritty and gutsy and real. He meets us where failing flesh learns to fly.

I accepted the Lord more than four decades ago, and I need His grace and mercy more than ever.

Maybe you can identify with that. Perhaps we all can.

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