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How many moments of grace did I miss today?

God takes joy in serving up grace without measure. He blesses us in ways we may not even notice, unless we stop to look and listen.

I just enjoyed a moment of grace … and divine protection.

In an instant of distraction, I may have run a red light at a busy intersection. OK, I more than may-have.

It happened fast, as such things are wont to do. I was lost in my own thoughts and looked up to see the oncoming traffic begin moving. So I began moving as well. 

But midway through the crossroads, I realized my light had not changed.


What do you do, in a moment like that? Panic? Stop? Back up? No way. Wouldn’t that just make things worse?

There’s no prudent course, except to step on the gas and get out of the way. So I did, with my pulse pounding.

And I got away free.

As it went, no sirens blared. No police cars zoomed after me, with their lights flashing. No other drivers even honked their horns.

I did not get what I deserved.

That’s grace, I thought.

I wasn’t ticketed or fined. No one suffered injuries, unless you count my personal pride. And no vehicles, signposts, or other properties were damaged.

But it was wrong, and I knew it.

Isn’t that a handy example of God’s grace? He loves His daughters and sons enough to guard us, even as He repeatedly grants us grace. And it’s all because He loves us overwhelmingly, even when we fail to pay attention and go blundering forward without following the rules.

Sure, sometimes He allows consequences to kick in. Occasionally, we do face injuries, damages, and other sorts of pain. And hopefully, those moments drive us back into His arms.

But once in a while, perhaps more than we realize, God delights in dishing out grace.

And I am so thankful that He does.

Oh, and I promise to pay better attention at stoplights.

“I have sinned, I have perverted what is right,
    but I did not get what I deserved.”
(Job 33:27b, NIV)

Traffic sign by Dodgerton Skillhause
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