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Draw me with love

Several years ago, our family attended a milestone birthday party for a dear friend. At this shindig, an artist was drawing caricatures of the guests.

When my turn came, I was shocked at the sketch he made of me. My facial features were exaggerated, making me look ghoulish. I hated it!

How I wished the sketcher had drawn me with love.

But the artist drew what he saw, perhaps influenced by his own perception of life and people in general.

God, the Artist of all Art, draws us with love and kindness and mercy and grace. He formed us with that attitude, and he draws us close to His own heart that way. It’s not about our own value, but the values of God’s own character.

Thanks be to God that He is love and kindness and mercy and grace … and that He never changes.

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  1. You're sure that's not a photograph?

    You made a wonderful point to ponder here. Thank you!