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Quick Fix for the Quitting– Bible First-Aid from A to Z

Quick Fix for the Quitting– Bible First-Aid from A to Z

The believer’s journey may lead through a quagmire of questions, a disquieting chasm of qualms, and a forest of seemingly unanswered questions. The quickest among us may find energies fleeing and resolve teetering. 


Ever feel like quitting? Hang on. The quest is worth it.

Your way is perfect, Lord,
    and your word is correct.
    You are a shield for those
    who run to you for help.
You alone are God!
    Only you are a mighty rock.
You give me strength
    and guide me right.
You make my feet run as fast
    as those of a deer,
    and you help me stand
    on the mountains.
You teach my hands to fight
    and my arms to use
    a bow of bronze. You alone are my shield.
    Your right hand supports me,
    and by coming to help me,
    you have made me famous.
You clear the way for me,
    and now I won’t stumble.
(Psalm 18:30-36, Contemporary English Version)

Heart of a Ready Writer is participating in the April A to Z Blogging Challenge, with a full month of alphabetically arranged posts in a series titled “Bible first-aid kit from A to Z.” Some readers may even choose to memorize these helpful Scripture verses.

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Bible First-Aid from A to Z
Created by LAN/Nickers and Ink
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  1. Hey, again, Linda! Imagine meeting you here! I like the content of this post, as well! AS you can probably guess, I pick a spot in the A to Z Challenge and just begin reading. I go down so far in order and then the next day do the same thing in another spot. How fortunate for me that I happened to choose your spot this morning. Now, with all the writing you are doing, I hope you have the chance to come over and visit with me (If you haven't already). Again... best regards to you, Ruby (aka Grammy)

  2. Hello, just stopping by to let you know I've nominated you for a Liebster Award :)

    Rebeccah Writes - Liebster Award