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August 31st - Pagan Practice

Pagan Practice

(2 Kings 25:23-26)

(Jeremiah 40:7-16; 41:1-18; 42:1-22; 43:1-14; 44:1-30)

Asherah, Pagan Queen of Heaven

Ancient Artist Unknown

The Old Testament prophet Jeremiah warned the Lord’s people against paying homage to false gods. But the people persisted in the pagan practice. The men followed their foreign wives, burning incense to the Queen of Heaven.

And the Lord brought judgment.

Who was the Queen of Heaven?

The term, “Queen of Heaven,” has become a reference to Mary, the human virgin mother of Jesus Christ, throughout Christian history. However, in ancient times, the Queen of Heaven was not nearly so virtuous.

In Old Testament times, the Queen of Heaven referred to goddess worship. Usually, this term indicated Asherah, the Semitic pagan goddess of fertility. In other historical instances, the Queen of Heaven meant Isis, an Egyptian goddess, as well.

Goddess worship has enjoyed a renewed popularity in recent generations, as Wiccans and New Agers have encouraged the adoration of Gaia, Mother Earth and other goddess figures. Surely, paganism is not merely an ancient practice.

What would the prophet Jeremiah say about modern culture? What would God say about it? What is the Lord already saying about paganism and today’s generation?

Will you pray with me?

Great God,

Above You is no other.

You are the only true God,

And we worship You.

Encircle our hearts,

That we might adore no other,

Worship no idols

And place no one or nothing

Above You

In our hearts.

Open our eyes

To any false worship

In our own lives

Or in the culture

That surrounds us.

Give us hearts

For holiness.

We praise You.


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1 comment:

  1. Amen, also known as Amen-Ra, "Among the gods who were known to the Egyptians in very early times were Amen and his consort Ament, and their names are found in the Pyramid Texts, e.g., Unas, line 558,"

    Shalom, All praise given to the most High Yahweh, for he is the only living Creator.

    And yet, still today many will not obey the commandment's. Seek ye in trough and righteousness.